Jan A. Smith

Founder and CEO
A seasoned marketer and author of numerous articles on marketing technologies, Jan holds an MBA in international marketing from Babson College and a BA with Honors in Russian Language and Literature from Brandeis University. An entrepreneur since the mid-1980s, she cut her teeth in the computer industry with Digital Equipment Corporation and IBM, where she traveled the world interviewing business, government, and science leaders on applications of computing technology.

Chrissie Van Wormer

A multitalented entrepreneur, Chrissie is co-founder of Clickit Digital, a media technology company that enables SMB’s and small to mid-sized ad agencies to run multi-channel online campaigns across search, display, video, mobile and social channels with the support of a certified professional team. She also provides CFO-for-Hire services to numerous businesses, and served as Controller to Fortitech.

Michael Chrisner

Creative Director
Design solutions for branding, advertising, collateral, and corporate communications. Responsible for elevating the quality of the design by inspiring a creative staff to reach further and dig deeper for smarter results. Motivated to engage and challenge clients and consumers to notice, act, then react to thought-provoking design and messaging that connects people to brands.

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